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As a property manager this service is a godsend! I booked an appointment on the website and got a call within minutes to confirm my appointment. Alfred was able to come out that afternoon to copy fobs for the properties I manage. This speedy service has allowed me to spend more time focusing on my guests and tenants! And beside the service Alfred's personality is another great reason to work with this 5 star company :)

These guys were great. They were quick getting back to me, worked around my schedule, met me at a coffee shop in my neighbourhood and made a couple copies for me on the spot. I know from what I've read that my fob is one of the more difficult kinds to copy, but he had no problem and was willing to figure it out if it didn't work. Luckily it worked perfectly the first time. Very professional and great rates. Will definitely use them again next time I leave my keys at the beach.

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Alfred and Arthur were awesome! I contacted Alfred through text and he was just great. Very responsive, quick, and professional.

Both Alfred and Arthur both came down to help me with the transaction. I made 9 keys, and they all worked flawlessly. The price was unbeatable, and the transaction was a breeze. I'd definitely recommend these guys, a pleasure to deal with.

Jasper L.

Awesome! Sent a message in the morning and had a callback within an hour to setup a same day appointment anywhere I wanted downtown at pretty much anytime.

Arthur is quick, prompt and professional - met me and provided service on the spot - both FOBs done within 5 minutes and worked perfectly.

Very competitive rates, better than the other service I found. 5 Stars - GIVE THESE GUYS YOUR BUSINESS!

These guys rock! My stupid strata wanted $200 per fob and were grudging about 'allowing' me to have a second one!
Found them online last night, booked it last night met at Starbucks in Yaletown at 5 today - Alfred was there at 5 sharp, whipped out the laptop - boom! Done and done!
Never had such an incredibly successful experience with a service business - ever? I'm still stunned.
Came to my building - Space in YT - tested them on front door & elevator - they work better than the original!

Jasper M.

Quick, easy, reasonably priced. They came straight to my apartment complex and walked through the door mechanisms to make sure my fob worked. Great service

Rhea Z.
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I needed fobs made for some of my rental properties. Alfred was swift to meet anywhere that was convenient for me and the fob was ready within minutes. I will only be contacting Alfred from now on when I need a fob made.

Fast and friendly. And the fob works perfectly. Would recommend =)

This was my first time to copy a key FOB. Before meeting Alfred he promptly answered all my questions over the phone. Key FOB duplication was done at the location I preferred and I was able to test it immediately which OTHER same service providers dont offer. I definitely recommend Simple Key. Thanks Alfred.

I called Simplekeycopy after my landowner referred me to two other people who both were unable to replicate my fob. Arthur arrived to our apartment to make extra copies for my room mates and was able to complete it in a timely manner. After 2 weeks of searching, im just happy it was finnally completed. Thanks Arthur!

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I needed a replacement in a short amount of time and they met me at a place of my choosing. Definitely recommend.

Ryan V.

On time, great communication and quick to duplicate my fob. I can now have extra fobs

It could be the best company in Vancouver I met them in starbucks. He was pretty kind and professional. I recommend that u can choose this company u must not regret! Thanks!

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This is a fantastic service! Alfred and Arthur are kind, courteous and very efficient. They came to my door and completed the work within 20 minutes. Alfred had an issue copying one fob and came back later that evening in person to drop it off! Excellent service, gents. Thanks again!

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These guys are the ones you want to copy your fobs with. They come on site and makes sure your fob copy works. Very professional and easy communications. Would recommend!

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Swift, economical and friendly service. I would highly recommend.

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Real Estate Investor

Found them on google. They answered a few questions I had. They made me an appointment within 48 hours. Maybe 20 minutes total to get the fob copied and it worked. I'm satisfied and I recommend

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Thank you Arthur for your professionalism and excellent service!

Kaayla F.
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Why my landlord wouldn’t let me have more than two keys for a two bedroom is beside me. This service was fast and their tech was on time.

Arthur was great, efficient and fast!

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Excellent customer service! Fast and quick and easy. Did not run into any hitched and service was very professional. Would recommend

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