December 21, 2015

Broken or lost a fob? Get a fob replacement!

We’ve had tons of customers come to us looking for a fob replacement when they’ve lost or broken one of their building’s key fobs. Most times it’s one of the following root causes:

  • The key fob has been physically or water damaged
  • Lost one of their building’s key fobs
  • The fob has just stopped working

Most building managers or landlords out there will charge an arm and a leg (sometimes $200+), take weeks to get a fob replacement or they just won’t do it for their tenants.

fob replacement for lost or broken key fobs

If you’ve lost or physically broken your key fob

If you have another fob for your building we can duplicate a replacement fob for you. This key will have the same ID as the original and is undetectable to the building’s door security system. Simple Key Copy provides this service as a same-day onsite service to your location or a mail-in service for regions without an onsite tech.

The fob has just stopped working

Fobs are electronic devices made up of a small RFID chip which stores your ID data and an antenna that broadcasts that info to the door reader. Like most other electronics, over time it can wear out or the RFID chip stops working. Our technicians are able to take a look at fob itself to see if it can be reprogrammed with your ID. You should also bring along another key fob for that building in case we need to pull any data from it.

How to get a fob replacement

Book an appointment to get a replacement key fob made today! All of our services are backed by our 100% money back guarantee.

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