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Our Story

Like many other companies, Simple Key Copy organically grew as a solution to a common problem.

The founders Alfred and Arthur are both Vancouverites with condo lives. When Alfred and his wife got their condo downtown they needed spare keys for both their parents in case of emergencies. So he went to the building management to order some but was denied. Since it was a two bedroom apartment, they were limited to just two key fobs.

While Alfred and Arthur were hanging out for a beer at 33 acres this key fob issue came up in discussion. Arthur had issues with his building as well when he tried to get a replacement fob. The building management wanted $150 for a replacement key and it would take over a week to order.

Alfred being the technical one with a background in computer science and IT, started thinking about the technology behind the key fobs. After a bit of experimenting and development they made their own fob copies. SUCCESS! Word started to spread with their friends and family which had similar issues started asking for their help. This was done as a favor originally but then people started giving them money. Alfred and Arthur started thinking… this could be a business.

A very common problem with a simple solution. That’s how Simple Key Copy was born.

Our Service Principles


Security is our top priority, all of our devices automatically wipe their data after every copy.

Same day service

We understand that sometimes you can’t wait days to get a key fob copied which is why we provide same day onsite service.

100% Money back guarantee

All of our work is backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. We guarantee that the copy will work completely or your money back, no questions asked.

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